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Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, Reiki and other Divinatory disciplines in no manner substitute Professional Medical or Legal advice. They cannot be construed as medical advice, psychological counselling any other type of therapy.  The Tarot works on the principle of projecting what will happen next if you continue on the current path. I promise to exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of my reading, as free will constitutes conditions that may cause things to change. The Blogs on my site are expressions of my opinion only and do not mean any disrespect to anyone. By being on my site, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer, or health care professional and my services do not replace any of these Professional Services. Since I do not read for anyone under the age of 18, You need to be over 18 years old to be on my site. We have an unspoken confidentiality agreement, and my site and my readings are safe spaces for you to express yourself. 

Thank you,

Kamal Bhogal Bhatia.


In the Spirit of Complete Transparency, I request you to read the following before you book with me, to ensure an exchange of mutual satisfaction.​

  1. On Behalf of the Urban Soul Tarot, I welcome you with the utmost respect. This is a loving place where there is no discrimination based on race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural identity and socioeconomic status.

  2. I do not read for minors and if a parent or guardian would like to bring in anyone under the age of 18, they will need a guardian present during the session.

  3. Honesty and Sincerity are the hallmarks of my practice and I shall try to answer all your queries. To this effect, I request you to write down the questions you need answering so that we may maximize the time that you have paid for. I shall also be transparent about what I cannot intuit and channel for you. It is my integrity and sense of responsibility to deliver the highest service to you.

  4. I am but a medium that is interpreting the cards for you. The advice is carried by the Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, or the I-Ching. How you choose to follow or disregard what the Oracle says is totally up to you. I do not have anything to say that would cause you to will one thing over the other. My aim and wish for every reading is that the client goes away empowered and at peace and to tell one what to do is against everything I stand for.

  5. I do not do any one-card quick follow-ups after a reading has completed, due to my own personal time constraints and commitments. Please do have your questions written with you, and if you do need to follow up questions, please do consider purchasing another reading so that we can work through them.

  6. Please do see my working hours and then Message me for a reading. As soon as I do receive your message, I will drop in a note and request you to make a PayNow transfer. Once the transfer is made, I will book in a slot for you. If you do need to cancel, please do so 24 hours prior to the reading.

  7. My Reiki sessions do not replace any medical advice or therapy. I am channelling Reiki Energy to bring about healing, but am not a medical professional.

Thank you for your business and thank you for honoring my policies.



Your Questions, Answered


The Tarot Sessions have been offered in a manner to make sure that you leave with the answers you are seeking. 
The Gentle guidance tarot reading is for issues that need a quick, gentle nudge in the right direction and can be done without ever having met me. The other tarot reading sessions are based on the complexity of the question and how deep you need to delve. An hour-long tarot session is usually good since it gives enough time to probe an issue. It helps if you have your questions written out so that you gain the most from your time.

I take my calling very seriously and for all your tarot readings, I prefer to have the Date of Birth. I augment each reading with Kabalistic and Pythagorean Numerology, which is not hard for me to calculate on the spot. By giving me your Date of Birth, I can pull out the cards for you, visually explain you your life path and essential information via the use of Tarot Cards. I use my knowledge of Runes to help you craft talismans and also help with meditations so that you may leave our sacred space empowered.

Remote Tarot reading is one in which the seeker does not need to be present.  All I need from you are the questions that are pertinent and your date of birth. I’ve been reading the cards for more than half my life, and I maintain a daily practice of meditation that helps me to channel into what your guides most need you to know.  I do a lot of Remote readings and a lot of my clients tested the water via remote readings. 

For a Remote Tarot Reading, I only need your Date of Birth and 3 Questions, and I revert with the answers in a 15-minute long video, which you get to keep. I do not keep copies of your videos, as I know that each tarot reading is inspired for the seeker alone, and is very personal.

While I haven’t met a lot of clients I read for, my remote tarot readings are extremely accurate. The only essential criteria is that I have permission to access information for the seeker. Therefore, this tarot reading can be requested by you, for yourself. 

The tarot has proven to be an invaluable compass to where you need to be at a given time. We all are very comfortable following a GPS to get us to our destination. Our subconscious is the GPS that has been lodged for us and knows exactly where we need to be so that we can leave behind limiting behavioural patterns and grow. The Tarot works by putting your subconscious in the driver’s seat and sounding out the GPS location you need to get to!
Your tarot reading can be exhilarating, giving you the chance to move on or know that you are in tune with your intuition. They can be a source of tremendous hope in a time that is hard and challenging. There are times, however, when the tarot may ask you to look at areas which are redundant and it could be insisting that you rethink your comfort lines around these areas. However, your tarot reading is, it will give you the tools to live your life to your fullest potential.


Reiki is the flow of universal energy. Everyone experiences Attunements in a manner that is unique to them. I have been fortunate to train under four Reiki Masters from different parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds. During my first Attunement, at the age of twenty-one, I kept giggling and felt like a ball of white light for a few days. Each of my Attunements have been unique. Most of my students have either laughed through the process or let lose the stress that they had been holding in, in the form of tears. 

A Reiki Attunement, can be experienced in the form of laughter or tears, or just the same pervasive calm state that we enter prior to the Attunement. You are unique and the energy will flow through you in a unique manner.