The tarot with its rich tapestry is a wonderful tool to access the subconscious. The Tarot consists of 78 cards divided into the greater mysteries called the Major Arcana and smaller mysteries called the Minor Arcana.

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Can the Tarot be trusted to give an accurate Yes or No answer?

Yes Or No

The Tarot is Often used to get a Yes or No answer for those quick decisions that we need to take. How accurate is the Yes / No tarot reading?

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The Story of Lilith is from the Bible. The Queen of Swords, Lilith is from Hebrew and Biblical Mythology.

Lilith – The First Eve & The Queen of Swords

Tarot is an evolving Spiritual form. The Queen of Swords has always gotten a bad rap but in the modern era she is known for her independence and her intellect. As feminism emerges, The Queen has been redeemed. Traditionally she is known to be a bitter divorced or separated woman, and in the present day like Lilith the Sumerian goddess, she is someone who can stand up for herself.

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