The Minor Arcana represents a slice of life. The Suit of Swords in the Minor Arcana corresponds to the element of air. The cardinal direction that they represent is East and the season is spring. It is thought that the Suit of Swords was meant to represent the nobility and the military. The Swords are a masculine, active, yang element. They correspond to the spades in modern playing cards.
The Swords represent the intellect, communication, conflict to a certain extent & its corresponding effect.

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The Story of Lilith is from the Bible. The Queen of Swords, Lilith is from Hebrew and Biblical Mythology.

Lilith – The First Eve & The Queen of Swords

Tarot is an evolving Spiritual form. The Queen of Swords has always gotten a bad rap but in the modern era she is known for her independence and her intellect. As feminism emerges, The Queen has been redeemed. Traditionally she is known to be a bitter divorced or separated woman, and in the present day like Lilith the Sumerian goddess, she is someone who can stand up for herself.

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The Six of Swords is a search for a better life than the one being left behind. This is the card of the refugee, who leaves behind a life for an uncertain one with the potential of happiness.

Six of Swords Transition & Skill

Change and Transition are of the utmost importance when the Six of Swords show up. The help you require to leave things behind will arrive.

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