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Plato recorded a technologically advanced civilization that existed before his time. The Land of Atlantis went down under the waves and was destroyed since the Atlanteans refused to accept the corruption and the decay of their moral fiber. The Atlanteans were an advanced civilization that was working on weapons, that had a malfunction, triggering earthquakes and massive tidal waves that destroyed the land and led it to the bottom of the ocean.

Atlantis The Lost Civilization & The Tower

The land of Atlantis and the downfall of man as a result of Hubris has been the subject of many a myth.

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The World is about the completion of a cycle. It is also about the connection that we have and the joy that takes place at the completion of a goal.

Ardhanarishvara & The World

Plato, Ovid, Donne, glorified the union of two sexes in one as a model of perfection. The Ardhanarishvara too is a supreme form of Shiva.

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Tarot & Mythology weave a rich tapestry to open the doors to the universal collective unconscious.

Mythology & Tarot Through Myth

Mythology is the rich tapestry through which we get a glimpse of the collective unconscious of the world. the Tarot consists of a deck of 78 cards and together they form a three dimensional access to your subconscious.

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