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It has been a while since the world has been “normal”. In 2020, the emergence of Covid 19, threw the world into a spin. We are all constantly and consistently adapting to newer information and newer circumstances which constitute the new “normal”. The fact that we human beings are meant to be social animals makes the whole process doable but not so easy. A lot of countries have come up with predictions that if this situation goes on a while more it may impact the mental health of a major portion of the population. 

2020, and the current year remind us just how much of a village our world is. For the privileged, there is sustenance to tide over the period of the economic slowdown. However, the fact that most of us now have friends and family scattered all over the globe makes this, especially hard, since we haven’t been able to travel to meet them in person. There has been a lot of soul-searching as people have been forced to turn inwards and there has been a boom in spiritual searches online.

We are blessed despite the grim situation since we have the internet that still connects us all and VOIP tech that makes sure that we can stay in touch with our loved and dear ones. 

Urban Soul Tarot, would love to help contribute to the mental health and thus has these Challenges, rather Self Paced Journeys set up. 

You do need an App, with no advertisements, and up to 5 minutes a day for the mindfulness exercises. They are all free and my way of contributing to wellbeing during the pandemic.

With Love, 


Urban Soul Tarot.

Journal Prompt For Writers

Journal Prompts for Writers using the Tarot

The best method to bring about change is to journal and to catalogue the steps of growth. Journaling is an excellent tool to keep a record whilst having fun if one so likes it. A Journal helps create a mental snapshot of time, that can be saved for posterity. 

Enter a Seven Day Journaling Challenge to initiate the habit of Journaling, using the Tarot.

Requirements: A pen and A Notebook.